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Being the Kid Who Raised His Hand

Remember that one kid in class who always raised his hand with something to say? That was me. At a younger age, this is common with most children. We raise our hand in excitement to ask a question or give an answer. Is that how it was as you got […]

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I’m Starting a New Company and It’s Scary

In a sort-of continuation of my last post, Leaving Behind $60k, Corporate Stability, and a Big Data Startup, I’d like to take a deeper dive into my newest venture. Shortly before taking off for Miami I had scheduled a meeting with an individual who was interested in UI/UX contract work for his […]

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Leaving Behind $60k, Corporate Stability, and a Big Data Startup

If you don’t happen to follow me across social media (yet), I’ve recently made an announcement that I decided to leave my job behind at ClearStory Data as a UI software engineer. It was a great 7 months with the team but it is time for me to move on. The […]

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Going Public on GitHub

I graduated about 5 years ago with a degree in web design & interactive media. At that time, a cutesy portfolio with a clever tagline and examples of your work was all the rage. It was how you landed your job. Looking at your front end skills (HTML/CSS and Javascript) was […]

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Uploading Photos to Facebook in HD

You don’t have to be a social media or technology expert to realize that Facebook stores a massive number of photos. Technologically, they have to be smart about how they compress and store them. Without seeing the code, I can tell you that they have numerous compression algorithms that help […]

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My Puppy is Helping Me Break My Worst Habit

I’d like to you meet Ralphie   With great pugs, comes great responsibility. Whether you have a dog or not, it would be silly to say it is easy to own one. The requirements are lesser than non-furry, human children but he still owns time throughout my day. Training becomes a necessity for […]

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